"Gold Stars"  36"x 36" with handblown glass - a collaboration with Carenna

"Gold Stars"  36"x 36" with handblown glass - a collaboration with Carenna


This painting is the 3rd in the series of "Nick's Tryptych" - it is titled "Gold Stars".  This painting is really my daughter Carenna's painting.  She picked the lyrics of the songs as the foundation, the colors and helped make the hand blown glass heart which has the imprint of a star on it.

So here's the rest of the inspiration from beautiful Carenna...

We took a weekend last August to go to my favorite place - the Esalen Institute in Big Sur to attend a workshop for Moms and Daughters.  Two other Moms and daughters came with us, which can be fun and a little stressful if the girls aren't getting along.  Three is a crowd and so I knew there was potential for someone to be left out.  On Saturday evening, I went to get an amazing esalen style massage at the baths, overlooking the Pacific - nothing like an open air massage with the gorgeous ocean splashing against the rocks 90 feet below your nose.  Carenna was going to have dinner and hang out with her friends, but she was having a tough day for a number of reasons and somehow lost her two friends. She tried to get into the room, but the key was tricky and she got "locked" out.  She wrote in her journal this story called "Gold Stars".

"I was running, no stars in the sky. Could not find my friends.  My room key did not work.  I was cold as ice. I felt as if i fell through ice.  Cold, lonely and sad, but I knew my Dad was there. Some people whose parents have died see rainbows or animals.  Not me, I see gold stars.  I looked up and the first star in the sky that night was a gold star.  It made me feel good. I went back to the cabin, the door was open and my friends were there.  I was so mad at them.  They say they looked for me.  I just said "whatever". Then I started thinking of how to show my star, to know that my Dad was always there with me. Then I thought I can put it over the "n" in my name.  The N stands for Nick, my dad.  That's why to this day, I sign my name with a star over my name in honor of my Dad."  


And I can't wait ill I see you again and we both say remember when

The band played on the 4th of July and you held me on your shoulders way up high

You're still there for me, wherever there might be and if an ocean comes between us 

I'll send a message across the sea that you can sleep tonight

knowing it's alright I believe that 

You will listen to my song, you're with me 

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You've been here all along